About us

As a newly established Agency for real estates our mission is to win your trust by offering you the best service in the brokerage business operating in the regions of Razlog and Bansko, and the surrounding areas.
The RBS Agency offers a broad range of services  to Bulgarian and foreign clients. On our website you can find listings for apartments, houses, offices, villas, rural properties, plots of land off plan developments. 
With us you get the full package of services – advice on the purchase/sale assistance to finalise the deal for the chosen property, professional legal advice for the management of your property and after sale services. We will advise you professionally when you invest in property to gain maximum profit. 

Why hire an AGENT?

Customers often ask “Why turn to a real estate agency?” and are trying to buy or sell property through Internet advertising, or by using specialized publications dealing with advertising, viewing, selection of candidates and preparation of documents. Very often it turns out to be a waste of time and nerves. If you have not yet decided, here are some reasons why hiring a professional real estate agent is the best solution. 
– It is not necessary to know everything about a real estate you can hire a professional to do everything for you. 
– The agent will save you unnecessary views. If you are a buyer / tenant we will organize a view at your convenience of the property you are looking for. If you are a seller / landlord will save the constant calls that don’t give result and will obtain only serious customers. 
– The Agent will help you determine the correct price. Based on market reality, terms of the deal and the requirements of the parties, the agent often proves decisive element in a strategy for implementation of the transaction under the most favourable conditions for both sides. 
– The agents works together with other professionals in the field of real estate and thus provide you the opportunity to realize a transaction throughout the country and beyond. In addition, your agent can provide contacts at different merchants or companies engaged in activities that interest you directly – construction and repairs, finishing, cleaning companies, lawyers, notaries and others. 
– The process of finalizing a purchase/sale often involves a number of documents such as declarations, certificates, reports, statements and agreements are only some of the documents that the agent will prepare for you. It will also guarantee the verification of the documents of ownership, sketches and more. Reputable agencies have permanent access to the Registry Agency and the Office of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre in order to always be able to provide you complete information about properties for your safety. 
– After the transfer of ownership occur curtain issues like How to declare their property, where to pay the utility bills, how to transfer them  on your name and more. Your agent is willing to help even after the transfer is completed. 
– The success of the agent in real estate are satisfied customers. That it stimulates strive to be satisfied with the outcome of the relationship between you and will be opposite when in time you or anyone you know you need it.

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