Local crafts fair

At the local crafts fair you can get acquainted with local crafts and learn how the products of the local craftsmen are made and catch a glimpse of medieval Bulgaria. These traditional works of art make a lovely gift to take back home, which friends and family will certainly enjoy.



Pirin singskalendar2

“Pirin pee” or Pirin sings is a festival combining customs, dances and songs a colorful representation of the folklore traditions of the south western Bulgaria. A wonderful experience for both participants and  spectators.




Razlog sword”

Razlojki mech or Razlog sword is a timber completion unique by its kind which takes place every year in June on the central aquare in Razlog. It gaders people across the country who show their skills in the race.





Balloon fiesta

Flights over the mountain terrain of Razlog with hot air balloons. This event started in 2012 under the name of “Rimska bania” In the beautiful show take part crews from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova an other countries.





Every year in the morning of  1 of January Razlog is overwhelmed by the sound of the bells of the Chaushi man wearing costumes and scary masks. They look scary and make a lot of noise to frighten the evil spirits and chase them away. The chaushi or also known in other parts of Bulgaria as kukery is a custom dating from ancient times but very well preserved till present days. A unique experience for the spectators who take part in of the most famous Bulgarian traditions.



“A 1000 costumes in one place”

If enjoy exploring different national customs then you should not miss this event which takes place every year on the second day of Easter in Razlog. This festival shows the abundance and diversity of Bulgarian folklore represented by the traditional costumes of more then a thousand men and women from different villages and cities across the country.




Motorcycle rock fest „Predel”

Еvery year in July members of the rocker subculture gather for their reunion in the region Predel near Razlog





Banitsa Festival in Razlog

The festival of the “banitsa”, the most famous meal in Bulgarian cuisine is an event you can’t miss. On this delicious festival you can try tan different kinds of banitsa sweet or savory and tell which is your favorite





Both religious and pagan celebration with ancient origin. The festival of Bachevo village is also called the horse Easter for the traditional horse race organized especially to celebrate this day after the orthodox mass held in the village center.



kalendar13Easter in Eleshnitsa 

The Kukeri festival in Eleshnica village is very special because it is held on the first of Easter and even women can wear masks and participate in the event unlike other kukeri celebrations held in different parts of the country.





Midwifes day 

This custom is devoted to the midwifes and show them the gratitude for helping young mothers deliver their newborns. In the center of Razlog grannies with their newborn nephews perform a tradiotional dance called horo


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