Selling a property

How to sell your real estate property ?

If you’ve decided to sell your property, you need to get accurate information about the state of the property market and prices in your area. Our agent can advise you about asking prices. You can list your property for sale by contacting the offices of RBS Agency by phone or email.  Also you can visit our office and get advice from the agent to determine the price of the property. We will evaluate the selling price of your property, based on the daily observations of the market and recently finalized deals. The customer-seller has the right not to agree with the specified price and to list the property at a price specified by him.

Listing agreement

A listing contract (or listing agreement) is a contract between a real estate broker and an owner of real property granting the broker the authority to act as the owner’s agent in the sale of the property. We offer two types of listing agreements Exclusive Agency: The seller can only list the property with one brokerage until the listing contract expires with the property unsold. The seller must pay the broker a commission if the real estate is sold to a buyer obtained through our agency. Open Agency: A seller can enter into an agreement to sell their property with more than one brokerage in open agency listings. Granting exclusivity to the buyer saves not only money but also time and inconvenience of having to deal with more brokers and organize the viewings to potential buyers himself/herself .  The agency does not require advance payment. You pay a commission if you sell the property through the Agency.  At the conclusion of the contract you can discuss all your questions and to consult with a lawyer. It is important that the vendor gives accurate information to the agent for the ownership of the property, the existence of encumbrances, obligations and others. After signing the listing agreement the agent will visit your property to take pictures and gather the necessary information about the property and the adjacent infrastructure. After the initial view agent must prepare an individual presentation of the property in order to offer its prospects and its inclusion in the Internet newsletter of the Agency, as well as a brochure with information about the property. Each client can view the presentation of your property on our website and presenting information about it. Accurate and professional presentation is essential for realizing a sale.  Visits of the property may be carried out with or without the presence of the owner or his representative. Agent will notify you in advance for visits with potential buyers as you agree with the time of their execution as of the date and time of an organized view. When conducting a view with buyers you can fully rely on the professional competence of the agent, so it is not necessary to take part in the negotiations. This often leads to negative results.  You will receive feedback on the outcome of the property offers and views.

Preliminary contract for purchase/sale of the property

If the seller accepts the proposed price and terms of the deal theAgency will prepare a preliminary contract for purchase/sale.  The contract is concluded pursuant to Art. 19, Paragraph 2 of the Law on Obligations and Contracts drafted by a lawyer. By signing the contract the buyer gives the seller a deposit (deposit is normally 10% of the purchase price) and both sides agree within a specified time and at agreed sale price and terms to appear before the notary and sign a final contract for the sale of property (deed).  At the conclusion of the preliminary contract agent will explain the procedures related to verification of purchase before a notary, method of payment receipt of the amount of the sale price, bank transfers, registration of mortgage and transfer of possession.  Attorneys’ fees and costs for issuing documents related to the preparation of the final agreement are included in the agreed commission fee. Seller may assign the preparation of documents to the lawyer or notary of his/her own choice. In these cases we will comply with the requirement of the client.

Listing fee payment

After signing the preliminary contract the seller pays the listing fee to the Agency according to the terms and conditions of the listing agreement. Usually 50% of the fee upon signing the preliminary contract and the rest is paid after signing the deed. For the conclusion of the deal before a notary public the Agency will  prepare the necessary documents without charging additional fees. The agent will be present at the signing of the deed and receiving the agreed sale price of the property.  The transfer of possession of the property  depends on the agreed terms between the parties the agent will be present if any questions occur.  Normally the transfer of property possession is done on the day of transfer of ownership.

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