Listing your property with RBS Agency is free.

We won’t charge you any fees in advance. When you buy/sell property through the agency you pay a commission/listing fee of 5% or no less the 500 Euro.

Along with the brokerage services we also provide for our costumers after sale property services, property management and maintenance services, welcome packages and wood supply at reasonable prices. Look at the range of services we provide and choose the ones that best satisfy your needs. Contact us, using the contact form below, for any additional questions or order services and we will get back to you with an individual quote.

After sale property services

After the purchase of a property there are certain legal issues involved which we can help you resolve for a reasonable price. The after sale property service package we provide includes:

Tax registration – every owner of property in Bulgaria is obliged to apply for tax registration of the property by declaring the acquisition into the municipal tax office within two months after the purchase. We provide that service for all property owners regardless of how the deal has been finalized, through the Agency or otherwise.

BULSTAT registration –  within 7 days of the receiving the title deed from the Notary Public’s office every foreign citizen must apply for an ID or BULSTAT number for tax purposes in front of the local office of the Regisrty Agency. You don’t have to go through the the same procedure again id purchasing another property once the BULSTAT number has been obtained.

Transfer of utility bill accounts on the name of the new owner


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